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Action Points
Characters begin with APs equal to their current character level, and replenish all spent APs upon reaching the next level. Points can also be earned through heroic action, clever roleplay, or other high-quality story-focused actions and ideas.

  • Points can be spent one/round, and only one at a time, save for the last option.
  • +8 bonus before die roll, or +4 after, before results are announced
  • Re-roll any die
  • Additional standard action, taken immediately
  • Move initiative order and take a standard action
  • Plot control – cash in one to tell how it happened…subject to DM and overall group approval based on story focus and appropriateness
  • Instant critical hit – spend one AP and promote a regular hit to a critical hit.
  • Cash in two to immediately stabilize at whatever negative HP reached, and avoid further death saves. Other players can donate their points to enable this if the player in need lacks enough points.

Roll a 1 during combat and you miss, and must roll again. If another 1 is rolled, you’ve fumbled, which results in something nasty happening to you, your equipment, and/or nearby allies. Draw a card from the critical fumbles deck.

Critical Hits
Crits earned by players rolling a natural 20 do not need to be confirmed- Heroic Advantage. Crits earned with a weapon with an extended crit range must still be confirmed, unless a 20 was rolled. Critical hits of any type result in double damage (roll twice, or roll once and multiply by 2 – player’s choice before the roll), or a card drawn from the critical hits deck – player’s choice.
Crits by NPCs result only in double damage and are not afforded Heroic Advantage.

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