The Twelve: a council of leaders from each of the Dragonmarked houses, gathered together centuries ago with the goal of promoting inter-house harmony and growth through collaboration over issues related to further understanding and leveraging of each house’s unique mark. The Twelve have sponsored, over time, efforts that have led to the creation of the lightning rail, airships, and numerous other arcane ‘inventions’ that would not have been possible with the cooperation of more than one house, and the joining of their special abilities.

In addition to a means and motivator for cooperation over commercially viable projects, The Twelve also works quietly to amass arcane knowledge and power from across the known world, and gain knowledge about the goings-on of the great nations, peoples, and other groups of Khorvaire, and beyond. Indeed, the organization, known in passing by so many, does much of its work in the shadows.

Three for the Twelve was a Pathfinder campaign set in the world of Eberron, with background canon defaulting to published 3.5 books. The characters, formerly associated with various Dragonmarked houses, were involved with The Twelve, having initially worked as troubleshooters for the organization, and then – seemingly playing parts in the Draconic Prophecy – have become fugitives from their former masters.

Three for the Twelve

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