Blade of Mishka

a long curved blade built for use with 2 hands

weapon (melee)

The Blade of Mishka

+3 Keen, Holy, Undead/Demon Bane Orien Curved Blade of Demon Detection (100’)


The Blade of Mishka came from humble beginnings. A bright blade of steel from the Master sword-smiths of House Cannith. It was passed from Father to Son for 8 generations. All used it to good effect in service of House Orien.

When it was Mishkas turn he received it humbly and with reverence. He was born to House Orien as was the blade. He, like his fathers before him, used it as it was intended. Strike hard and fast, keep moving.
When it became clear that his role in the house was coming to an end, he continued the traditions of the blade. He did recognizes the need to alter it in some way. He found a magewright to bestow magic upon to blade to make it hit harder and sharper.
As his travels carried on, he befriended a mage who traveled with the 4 marks for a time. During a short time of rest, he commissioned the spell caster to increase the blades effects. Sharpness, and bane to the walking dead.
Shortly after, the 4 marks were called to defend the Demon Scope. A foci to keep Demons bound in their wastes they call home, and a prison of the dreaded Rakshasa Raj to power the barrier. The fight, to the Scope was swift with the help of the holy defenders to guide the 4 to the Scope. It was already corrupted and only one key of three was still in place.
Mishka cast a second spell upon the blade to battle through the Demons infesting the keep who were bent on freeing the Raj Sora Kel. When they reached the prison, Sora Kel reached forth from his well to grab anyone, anything to consume it. Module reacted with lighting quickness and cut 3 of the fingers off his hand.
The blood of a Power Demon joined with the holiness of the spell cast. Coupled with the binding effect of the Demon Scope the Blade of Mishka was truly born.

A Keen, Holy blade, bound to destroy evil in all its forms. It is especially potent when it crosses undead and demons. It also has the ability to locate demons within a short distance.

Blade of Mishka

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