Three for the Twelve

Washed Away

and made new

After learning of the team’s war exploits – covered, of course, with fake names and different unit designations – the border fort’s commander, COL Anwar, invited the five to stay a night or two at the fort. During this time he and his intelligence officer sat for hours of interviews and conversation about the specifics of what they saw in Droaam, and shared what little they knew of what had happened in Sharn. The best they knew was that about a week ago a massive wave appeared at the mouth of the Dagger River, from the southwest, and slammed into the city, hitting the outer towers first around the docks. The wave was as high as the middle wards and washed between and around towers, quickly filling the basin between the five main sections of the city and swamping all the lower wards – all of them. Many towers filled completely or in part with water; a few of the older ones collapsed in part or full; and it took a day before the water started to recede from within the city. Then the next wave hit, and drove the water level up to the lower levels of them middle city, driving what refugees from the docks and lower city upward in a violent frenzy, spreading chaos.

The city is still draining, apparently, either out from between the towers, out of damaged or porous areas of the lower towers, or possibly through the Depths or Cogs. The death toll is not known at this point, although it must, by logic, be in the tens of thousands. The city is in a state of almost total upheaval right now – there is open fighting in and around some towers of the middle and upper wards, as people seek higher ground and seeming security. The city authorities have lost control over Sharn as a whole, and control only a few areas, where they’ve been able to concentrate personnel. Fragmented reports are coming out about who and what survived, how the Houses are fairing, the various churches, and other interests within the city. Morgrave University, it seems, survived intact, and is holding out against refugees who would flood its halls, museums, and gardens. Cannith Tower stands, and Baron Merix d’Cannith is reported to be putting his best people to work in the service of the city.

Travel in and out of Sharn has been completely disrupted. All the dock facilities – including the massive cranes – have apparently been destroyed. The lightning rail station, and some of the track immediately outside the city, are also apparently a total loss. Sky galleons are being used to rush in supplies and people, and bring the same out. The overland routes from the north and northeast are largely intact, or so it seems through the rumor mill. There are also, so it’s been said, ships in the Dagger River assisting, now that the river water level has gone down; however, the area around the Hilt of the Dagger was also laid waste, in some cases for many miles inland. The city took the brunt of the wave, but there is much more to the destruction than just Sharn – although it’s getting all the press.

King Boranel has set up a command center in Skyway, in order to personally oversee and coordinate the rescue and recovery efforts underway. Although his personality and abilities account for much, the efforts are highly disorganized and already there are accusations of inept handling of the crisis by the city and national authorities. Everyone seems to have an armchair expert perspective on why it happened, why it’s so bad, and who’s to blame.

COL Anwar, considering his duties, is only able to make space for the team for a day or two, and then they’ll have to move on…where?


If Moregrave is still active, then we have an expert, and resident. Not to mention a very large donation… for the right price.
We also have to go to the sovereign host temple. We have 2 very important books to be rid of as well as ask for a holy pry bar and a new eye. If needed, I would work with a docent or new dragonshard eyeball. This depth perception thing is useful. It does help to focus on my opponent who is on front of me. Either way, we should still go to Sharn to at least drop off the Host goods. Beyond that…
Aundair, or Zilargo.
Aundair because the floating citidels are somewhat opposed to the twelve, and they have high magic, or Zilargo because of the Korrenberg library for further research.
Do we have a map of the whole of Eberron? It is a VERY general way but, I’m curious where the wave originated. With a Cyclops raised from the dead, and the tsunami coming from the southeast. Seem Xendric would be a likely local.
As to where to sell the gear we picked up… any capital. Wroat is pretty close, then there is Aundair is just north of us. Hopefully this time we won’t have any further undead roadblocks on our way.
I put on the old post. What we picked up from the lich is worth over 122,000 gold. Maybe I can find someone to put on some serious magic on my sword… or if we can, stop somewhere and have our new found wizard do it IF He has craft magic arms and armor. I would like to drop 30 grand on my sword to put a thrice magiced ability (speed or maybe keen and undead bane as we are always dealing with the animated dead) on it. I’m tired of being the front line fighter with only a plus one weapon. Everyone has at least a plus 2 weapon.


Washed Away

I would like to end up in Sharn sometime soon, as the chaos could work to our advantage in this situation. Not only for the information we’re looking for/need, but we may want to lend a hand and earn good will.

You are welcome to the +2 long sword of defending, I would really prefer to magic my Bardiche and use that instead. It is a masterwork but no magical enhancements yet.

Washed Away

With that weapon in the kitty, then that bumps us up to over 140 K. But you’re right, we do need to up your damage ability with your bardishe.

Washed Away

The wave came from the southwest, not southeast. That’s why it passed by Droaam’s coast first, where you experienced it, then hit Sharn and the Brelish coast around the mouth of the Dagger River. I attached a map in the Maps tab of the OP – take a look at it. The Dagger River is west of central Khorvaire.

Washed Away

Looking at the map, and the necessary angle it would take to bit Droam first, the start point would need to be more west than south. Probably not xen’dric unless its one of the small island north of it.

Washed Away

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