Three for the Twelve

The Room of Your Doom

Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

You’ve opened the double doors, which are about 6 feet wide each. The 1 foot wide channel of filthy water, running from the pond where the elemental was, bisects the room, running about 40 feet directly into a 10’ diameter pool, which itself is next to a raised throne (the pond is partially between you and the throne). The room is dimly lit. The pond is ringed by kneeling figures – you can’t tell if they’re statues, people, moving, or fixed in place. Shadows dance along the walls and ceiling, which is about 25’ high, and arched. The room is about 10 feet wide on each side of the channel, with the right side of the room slightly wider than the left.

On the left side of the room, near the pond, are two openings that lead…somewhere. They are each only about 3’ wide, and are both dark.

The throne is on the right side of the room, with the pond directly in front of it. The cyclops has to turn about 45 degrees to its left to look directly at you, if it’s sitting in the throne facing the water. It’s like this: if the pond is a clock face, the throne is off the 5. The doors through which you came are directly off the 9; and the openings on the left-side wall are off the 11 and 1. You’re about 50 feet from the cyclops, which is looking directly at you and waving its hands around in a somewhat spastic ‘wax on; wax off’ motion. It’s also, for lack of a better term to describe the sound, chortling at you. Its single red eye glows in the dim room, providing the most powerful source of light, in addition to a few flaming brassieres along the walls.


So its Luke meeting the emperor for the first time in return of the jedi. Except the emperor is 12 ft tall with one eye and speaking a language we don’t understand. Got it.
Well, we needn’t worry about the dark side, we just need to rush him and kick his undead butt.
No convenient holes to toss him down? Wink…

The Room of Your Doom

Secondary thought for the minions flocking around our mono-ocular opponent, if our new wizardly support specialist has it in his books AND has it memorized, fireball them. They can’t be any more than zombies or skeletons which don’t have many hit points. Perhaps we should flame them before we charge the big bad in front of us. If. they are the big brutes we have faced already, then we need to beat feet. That’s too much for us.
I would be willing to bet 1000 gold pieces (in game) that these are nothing more than the other half of the empty villages residents who have had their brains sucked out already as a feast for said emperor.

The Room of Your Doom

Throwing a Thunderstone at one eye!

The Room of Your Doom

Gentlemen, I did my initial cost check of the haul we got from our friendly neighborhood cyclopian lich and just what we got gem him, the value gold for gold is over 122,000. I’m in awe. As soon as we can find a BLOODY PLACE TO SELL IT ALL!!! Otherwise, it is so much dead weight. Fortunately we have plenty of extra dimensional space in which to store it.

The Room of Your Doom

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