Three for the Twelve

The Passage of Time

Flet accepted the Order’s offer for training and a home – how could they not offer these to what was clearly a favored soul? The changeling had experienced so much strife and tumult over the last few years that it was time to step back, reassess his place and direction in life, and make some key decisions about his future. And so he stayed on for a time, helping the others to rebuild, rooting out the last of the demons still lurking in the surrounding mountains, and applying his new perspective in the context of accepting holy orders. A short time, he believed, was all he needed to sort things out.

Mishka, between helping to rebuild the physical defenses and track down demons, spent considerable time poring over the Keep’s archives, expanding his knowledge and understanding of the Prophecy considerably. The rubbings from the spellshard, coupled with what he’d seen in the stars and what was stored in dusty tomes in the Keep opened his mind to a whole different view of the Prophecy: instead of it being a history of what was and a loose predictor of what would be (as if that wasn’t enough), the Prophecy, he believed now, could be used as a tool to shape current and future events, at least in part. If one had enough pieces to arrange, one might be able to determine not the course of the future, as if it were a fixed quantity, but rather chart and decide that future well in advance. If this were true, one would wield the Prophecy as would a god the powers of creation. If only one had enough of the pieces, enough of fragments. Mishka became increasingly obsessed with amassing such a collection. If only…

While his friends worked at their chosen tasks, Arko! took on for himself the role best suited for his qualities and experiences: emissary to the many interests involved in what happened at the Keep and in the short war between Breland and Droaam. The leaders and power groups in Breland, the Eldeen Reaches, Aundair, and Thrane were all keenly interested in what was happening along the defensive perimeter in the Icehorn Mountains. Karrnathi officials also paid attention, along with representatives from the various Houses, and even the Twelve. It was during these meetings that Arko!‘s identity became clear to the leadership of the Twelve, and with his those of his companions. What would they do with this information? The story of the murder, years ago now, was long forgotten by all but a few within the leadership of the Houses. The existence of the fugitive Flet was a well-guarded secret from the beginning. And so the Twelve kept its mouth shut, and eyes and ears open, jealous of the status achieved by its wayward operatives, and eager to learn more about them, especially the changeling – now frustratingly out of reach, behind layers of church, state, and friend. In the view of the Twelve, these men were wanted, and yet now that they were in the open, they were more out of reach than if they’d still been on the run.

Foen led many of the hunting parties into the surrounding mountains in the first months, delousing the vicinity of many demons, and even capturing a Droaamite emissary, thus proving the connection between the invasion and the attack on the Keep. Breland, Aundair, and Thrane all broke off relations with Droaam over this, and began working to organize a common defense against the monsters, should they attack again. The barbarian also accompanied Arko! on several of his diplomatic trips, serving as both added muscle and an additional voice in, and sometimes against, the chattering chorus of national, merchant, and House representatives. ‘Those of the Mark,’ as many referred to the four, had their own agenda, it seemed, and getting the other players in the game afoot on Khorvaire required a great deal of talk, cajoling, and getting those other parties to see that putting their differences aside would be best for everyone. For the most part, these diplomatic efforts resulted in only slight success, as the old animosities simply would not die. As Arko! worked with the leaders of the different factions, Foen skillfully worked behind the scenes – and, sadly, with limited success. ‘Yes, of course the Houses would take seriously a demonic threat they would say…’and yet the prosperity and security of so many people were dependent on economic activity, which itself was built on trade secrets, yes?’ Surely one could not ask, in good faith, for so many people across the continent to set aside their well-being, and trade away their futures based on such a vague notion of threat? There must be another way; another meeting should be called…this can be dealt with when people have calmed down…we should wait…’ Foen took away more understanding about the seemingly blind nitwits running the great Houses and nations than he did solid agreements between them all.


Please add your stories about each of your characters as comments on this post. This will give us a chance to chart the development of each character, the party, and the story as you all increase to 15th level. I will write more of the story over time, adding in the events I had planned to run in sessions that will bridge the gap between where we left off and where we’ll eventually, fully, end this story. It’s a good story, I think, and you’ve added a great deal to it. I’d rather sink my energy into telling it than playing it, for the most part, and reserve that energy for one or two capstone sessions, sometime in the future when we want to take a short break from the new game, and put the period (or, rather, exclamation mark) at the end of this whole campaign.


With the last paragraph I was envisioning Hamish (Foen) slamming his axe down into the long table of the nobles of Scotland, while Wallace (Arko!) attempts to talk plainly and diplomatically.

The Passage of Time

I see something similar to that, and the kings and magistrates of Khorvaire – especially those from the 4 still-existing original 5 nations – acting much like the UN Security Council when bad things happen…that is, debating over how to plan for scheduling another meeting.

The Passage of Time

Just curious. Steve, are you taking levels in paladin as the next protector of the Demon Scope? Or going up as rogue, sorcerer or what? So I can incorporate the 4marks into my stories I write, some communication and planning would be useful.
Mishka is going up solely in fighter. He will be about all over the continent using his teleportation ability. He will finally be able to do the Prophecy research he’s been wanting to do for months.
He’ll even be spending some time in Xen’Drik.

The Passage of Time

Being guided by the Prophecy, the 4 Marks were guided to the Demon Scope. A protective barrier which kept the majority of demons in the blight known as the Demon Wastes. An attack was in progress. With the Help of the 4 marks, the demons who were trying to raise the famed demon, and Father of the rulers of Droam, Sora Kell, was thwarted. The Demon Scope was saved but the Keeper of the scope was layed low. The Prophecy guided the 4 Marks here for Flet to take up the mantle of Keeper of the Demon Scope.
The battle to keep Sora Kell in his prison was short but significant. He cut the fingers from his hand when he reached into our world to climb out. The Holy Magic that was placed on his blade, coupled with the power of the demon scope, the blood of Sora Kell, and the binding magic far enhanced the blade of mishka to almost epic proportions. Few weapons in the world had the magic that was bound in the blade that was passed down from Generation to Generation in house Orien.
After the land was cleaned, the 4 Marks went on their own seperate ways. Flet Stayed on as Keeper, Arko and Foen began to bring the nations together for common defence against the Demon blight.
Mishka fell into his research finally. He followed all whispers of the Prophecy. Sharns Libraries, Korranberg, Moregrave, were all in his reach with the power of his Family. He followed the Prophecy and began to manipulate small things in the world. Stopping a hunt that slew a beast destined to save a family from marauders, slaying a murderer of which one if her victims was destined to become a priest of the silver flame.
The portents were all around. the stars visible from the ground, but not close enough. His research took him to various orrerys. hidden locations of the prophecy of learning. Some were abandoned, and others, guarded or in use.
This is where Mishka aquired the Docent in his armor. In the wildes of Xen’dric, Mishka was guided by a Thunderguide to a little known orrery. Few have seen it since the fall of the Giants. It was built by the Giants for the Dragons who taught them magic as a guift. After the Dragons struck, the giants who stood guard were stripped of thier souls. but they still had their mandate to protect the Orrery from all but the Dragons who never came.
Mishka found the Orrery and struck. Armed with his Holy Blade, and gifted with the power of his family, he slew the guards so he could study in peace. The docent on the chest piece of one of the undead guardians glowed. He took it as a secondary prize. The Docent moved, then jumped to the central piece of his armor and burrowed into it. There was no damage, but it needed a home. A docent docile was useless, here, it had its purpose once again, to protect.
After years of following the prophecy, His Friend Flet called him back to the Keep of the Demon Scope. he was there in a day.

The Passage of Time

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