Three for the Twelve

Of Routes and Directions

Given your collective knowledge of Breland’s geography, and from information gleaned from COL Anwar at Shadowlock Keep, you know that Sharn is roughly 5000 miles away as the crow flies. There are a few routes to the city, each with seeming advantages and disadvantages. The direct land route would take you through part of the Skyraker Forest, a very dense and largely wild subtropical wood, then southeast through the Tilorn Expanse, a massive, untamed prairie long reputed to be haunted. After passing through the Expanse – about 100 miles of it – you’d arrive at Moonwatch, a medium town on the western edge of the hilt of the Dagger River. Moonwatch was partially destroyed by the wave, although not nearly as extensively as Sharn.

Another route would be to skirt the eastern slopes of the Graywall Mountains (the ones that separate Droaam from Breland) and go through part of the Skyraker Forest, heading directly east into Galethspyre, which is on the west bank of the Dagger River, almost opposite Wroat, Breland’s capitol. One would think that water transport could be found from there to Sharn. There are also extensive land routes, including the lightning rail line, from Wroat south to Sharn. Word is that the northern portion of the Dagger River – near Galethspyre and Wroat – was largely spared from damage from the wave; it seemed to dissipate quickly north of the City of Towers. Word is also that the eastern banks of the Dagger, north of Sharn, are clogged with refugees and stranded caravans.

There are no reliable ports along the southwestern Brelish coast from Shadowlock (which is actually miles inalnd) and the mouth of the Dagger River — the coast is too rough in most places to support any built-up port facilities. Pirates and smugglers probably have their coves throughout the area, but nothing formal.


Looking at the map, It looks like there is a closer location. IF THERE ARE ROADS THERE. Ringbriar. If we can ride horses there, it is roughly 200 miles, so would take about 6-7 days good ride there.
Once we Reach Ringbriar, we should be able to get a barge down river to MoonWatch. about another 130 miles taking 2-3 days if taking a barge “DOWN RIVER”.
Finally, If we can charter a boat/ship to go from MoonWatch to sharm, we’re looking at about 14 days travel.
Baring that, (and I’m not against saying “Screw Boats”!!!) go to Ring Briar, Shoot over to the Orien trade road, Then shoot up to Galethspyre. Then cross the river into Wroat which is the capitol of Breland. Sharn being in the shape it is in may or may not be the best place for us to fulfill our needs if the capitol has a Soverign Host temple that can take the books off our hands. I was under a false asumption that Sharn would be a faster trip than I had anticipated. and since going to Wroat may be in our path, that may be a better destination. However, I’m still not opposed to going to Sharn too.

Of Routes and Directions

NO MORE BOATS!!!! We are cursed i tell you…the gods curse us!

Of Routes and Directions

Looks like we won’t be going to xen’dric until we are 9th level then. I plan on taking the greater Dragonmark which is teleport so in a few sessions, we may be able to get there without boats.

Of Routes and Directions

I know of a way we can get there in less then a day! we can use the Peasant particle accelerator!!
Rules: unlimited amount of people can grapple each other, as a standard action you can move the grapple half your move (15 ft)
6 seconds to a round, untrained hireling is 1 sp per day,
we get 347 peasants (374 sp)
everyone grapples each other, during their turn they move the grapple 15 ft (352 * 15 = 5280, 1 mile in 6 seconds = 600 MPH) we will get there a little after 8 hours

Of Routes and Directions

That is the most awesome example of creative rules manipulation I have ever seen. I just may let it work.

Of Routes and Directions

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