Three for the Twelve

Disjointed Images in Time & Space the Prophecy unfolds...

A tempest roars at sea. Waves lash a series of islands, arranged around a central bay. One is utterly swamped, its surface washed clean by the water, leaving an alien landscape behind, dotted with the wreckage of what once was.

A red orb sits on a distant, cloud-heavy horizon. A sun? Setting? Rising? Uncertain.

A giant stands along a rocky shore, his massive feet mired in mud and filth. He reaches into the sky. His head is shrouded in the clouds…similar clouds to those on the horizon in another image, from another time and place.

The giant sways as his legs weaken. His feet shift as he tries to keep his knees from buckling.

The red orb winks in and out as clouds pass before it. The sea begins to churn as the horizon itself darkens, storm clouds concentrating.

From a great distance away, the islands, orb, and giant are visible, all distant from one another. The viewpoint shifts as its location comes into view itself: another land, this one made of vast mountain ranges and seemingly endless tracts of wildlands. A massive building looms, empty and deserted. A light glows from within.


General thoughts for the group…
What is our goal once we get out of the depth perception deprived lich? I know Sharn, … but then what? Are we really going to delve deeper into Flets DM? Find what happened to his shifting ability? Take out the inner circle of the twelve? Can we see an end game from where we are now?
I think we have a gopd plan to take out the cyclopian lich.
Then into Breland to inform the soldiers on the boarder where we were and what is there.
Then to Sharn for stuff selling, purchasing, and I volunteered to do DM research. Research on dragonmarks, and the war of the mark and aberrant marks.
What do you guys think we should DP from there or does that depend on my findings?
I think its a good topic of conversation to have before we all can get together and breath new life into the Prophecy Chronicles.


Disjointed Images in Time & Space

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