Three for the Twelve

...beyond the end time

...residue of what was

Ultra-Meta Post-Campaign World Stuff
The night skies have long served as guides to sages, sailors, and dreamers. Among, between, and behind the stars, constellations, and other cosmic bodies lie the answers to ancient riddles, present mysteries, and the future itself. Although different peoples use many names for the stars and moons, a select few have been held in common across time & distance:

  • Arko – a constellation that can be seen throughout the year in various places in the sky, the stories surrounding this body are many, and all tied in some way to daring exploits. Arko is often used as the protagonist in bards’ stories, and sometimes in a comedic manner.
  • Flet, aka ‘The Wanderer’ – a rogue moon that appears at irregular intervals and places in the sky, and is often mistaken for other celestial bodies at first glance. Seen by some superstitious folk as a herald of conspiracy, while other stories say that when a person recognizes its true nature, they will soon make another, fortuitous, discovery or realization.
  • The Black Axe – a constellation visible throughout the year, this is one of the most obvious celestial arrangements, clearly a great axe made up of bright stars in an otherwise empty region of the sky. It is looked on as a sign of good luck by soldiers before battle, and individuals facing significant trials.
  • Orien – a constellation seen mostly in the southern skies, this series of bright stars is used by sailors and rangers as a reliable guide.


It was a good story we told.
Prophecy driven story line. Check.

...beyond the end time

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